Veriscope Productions is an independent production company producing documentaries and stories for television, the Internet and theatrical release.



Battle for the Klamath
The Klamath River, snaking through southern Oregon and northern California through some of the most pristine wilderness remaining in the west, is the focus of an intense battle over fish, water and conflicting ways of life, between upstream ... (read more)
Delta Blues
Delta Blues is a documentary about the environmental crash of one of the most important ecosystems in the United States - and one of the least known. The California Delta is the center of disputes over fish, water supplies for over 60 per ... (read more)
Dylan's Run
DYLAN’S RUN is an eye-opening journey into American politics through the experiences of this charismatic, African-American Republican as he attempts to make history by winning a congressional seat in a white-majority district in the Deep Sou ... (read more)
How Obama Won the West
How Obama Won the West is a feature-length documentary journey through the American West during the historic 2008 election.   Frustrated by the lack of coverage of the western campaign, I drove 4000 miles in the final stage of the ... (read more)
Zombicon in 3D!
In the town where George Romero filmed the classic zombie movie Day of the Dead, thousands of zombies converged in an attempt to break the world record, and participate in all manner of zombie activities, including a walk, costume contest an ... (read more)




Doubleback - A noir mystery set in San Francisco. 

Look to the West - A troubled veteran enters politics.

Redwood Empire - Environmental radicals take over a town in CA.

Man on Fire - A DC lawyer gets in over his head. 



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